The Many Jewels You Have Within Your Louisiana Veterans Home Treasure Chest

Rhonda Lynn Clair, the adoptive daughter and niece of Jake John Schiro Sr., is very pleased with the care he is receiving from “the many jewels” working within LDVA’s Louisiana Veterans Home (LVH) located in Jackson, Louisiana.

“Every employee of Louisiana Veterans Home in Jackson is truly an exceptional individual and exemplifies profiles in excellence,” says Clair. “They are truly committed to the Veterans in their facility as they lend moral support to the veterans’ families and truly care for them.”

Clair says she wanted her “uncle placed in a nursing facility closer to our home, but other facilities refused to accept my adoptive father and uncle due to his condition being too critical.” That, however, changed when they met the skilled and compassionate social workers at LVH.

“She exhibited focused concentration, determined persistence and swift pace when conversing with an RN staff member and getting my uncle accepted for admission into the home,” said Clair of the LVH Social Worker.

Clair is grateful for every member of the staff saying, “these individuals, be it a nurse, social worker, speech therapist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, pharmacists from the Skilled Nursing Ward, Feliciana Ward and Audubon Ward are all capable of exercising independent judgment showing considerable skills and knowledge in evaluating critical factors in each veterans’ case and acquiring appropriate care and often life-sustaining care.”

“I further recognize the many broad-banded skills that each employee of the Veterans Home possesses, be it in medical records, finance, and even administration, etc.,” she says.  “They will do whatever it takes for our Veterans and their families to receive fair, equitable and expeditious assistance and care.”

Clair says LVH team members can be counted on to get the work done without intentions of personal gain of any kind except to know that they have impacted someone’s life in a positive manner.  “Their reward is in helping these Veterans and their families.”

She also gives accolades to the hard work of employees in the maintenance department, housekeeping and dietary departments, van drivers as well as the beautician.  “These individuals provide a very critical need to the Veterans.”

“Although not directly involved in veterans’ care, but still critical to the mental and physical well-being of Veterans, is the aesthetically, very pleasing decorated entrance,” she says of the LVH facility.

She notes that LVH offers numerous recreational activities which assist in Veterans in reinvigorating both their bodies and minds and giving them the opportunity to use their leisure time to enhance their health, independence and well-being.

“The Louisiana Veterans Home should be held up as an example to others throughout the country for the outstanding care and dignity it not only provides its’ Veterans but also for the courtesy and great respect it shows the Veterans’ families,” says Clair.

LDVA takes pride in how all of the homes it maintains cares for the veterans of Louisiana. “Ms. Clair’s sentiments on the care that her adoptive father and uncle, Mr. Schiro, is receiving echo the comments heard daily by the staff of our homes,” said LDVA Secretary Joey Strickland.  “We are proud to provide outstanding care to those who deserve it the most.”

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