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Top Ways to Help Vets


We accept donations to our Military Family Assistance fund that aids veterans and their families in times of need. We know that not everyone can give a monetary donation, but there are a number of charities and organizations that accept donations of everything from toiletries to used cars.


Do you have time to give to your state’s veterans? Volunteer with a Veteran Service Organization, spend time with elder vets, help keep veteran cemeteries and memorials clean, or lend your services to a veteran or military family in your neighborhood. You can find more ways to serve your local vets through or by visiting your local VAC office.


Are you a business owner or hiring manager? Veterans make exceptional team members and are proven to be great leaders and fast learners that excel under pressure. Veterans were trained with a variety of skills that are valuable to any business, and the federal government will even help pay for further training to suit your business’ specific needs. List your business’ job openings and find out more about employing vets on through any of the LDVA partner sites devoted to helping vets find meaningful work.

Dedicate Your Vote

The Honor Vets…Vote program is sponsored by the Louisiana Secretary of State’s office and honors those who have fought and sacrificed for our freedom and our sacred right to vote. You can dedicate your vote and receive a free printable certificate, bumper sticker, and/or lapel pen by filling out the Honor Vets…Vote! form at

Soldiers with the Louisiana National Guard help citizens out of the back of a high-water vehicle on Airline Road in Baton Rouge, Louisiana after being rescued on Millerville, Aug. 14, 2016. The LANG has rescued more than 3,400 people and 400 pets during search and rescue operations since operations began 48 hours ago. (U.S. Army National Guard by 1st Lt. Gomez)

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is the Military Family Assistance Fund?

    The Military Family Assistance Fund (MFA) provides financial support to members of the Louisiana National Guard and U.S. Armed Forces Reserves and their families as well as certain Veterans when they experience financial hardships and when certain criteria apply. MFA is funded by private donations from individuals and corporations. All donations are tax deductible.

  • Q: Does LDVA collect items for service members?

    Our offices do not usually collect donations, but your local Parish Service Office can tell you of organization that are collecting donations. These collections differ depending on each organization’s mission.

  • Q: How can I support veterans in my community?

    You can support veterans in your community by joining a local veteran service organization, volunteering your time with LDVA’s veteran homes, volunteering at our state’s veteran cemeteries, supporting pro-veteran legislation, or simply by assisting your local veterans – family, friends, or neighbors – in whatever ways you can. Every effort is appreciated.

  • Q: Why do veterans need my help?

    Holding the title of veteran means that person chose to dedicate part of their life to serve the country we call home. Veterans and their families make sacrifices for this service, and your help is a tangible way to show your appreciation for their service. Read more about the effects of wartime on servicemembers and their families on the Wounded Warrior Project’s website.

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