Share a Coke with (some) troops

Military Times Story

Each summer, Coca-Cola puts out bottles with people’s names on them so you can “share” a Coke with “Ashley” or “Ryan” or “Maria” or “Methuselah.”

(As fun as this sounds, I’ve never been able to participate in this. Thanks, Mom and Dad.)

This summer, the soda company is adding a new twist to their Share-A-Coke campaign.

People can now “share” a Coke with a sailor, airman, Coast Guardsman, hero or veteran.

(What happened to “soldier” or “Marine”?)

The cans are $1 and sold exclusively at Dollar General stores through late September. Coca-Cola and Dollar General will then donate $100,000 to the USO.

Enjoy! Unless you’re in the Army or Marine Corps.

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