National Amputation Foundation, Inc.

The National Amputation Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization comprised of amputee volunteers who offer their support to amputees and their families. People with amputations that were present at birth (congential) are also served by the foundation. NAF’s objective is to aid a new amputee in returning to as normal a life as possible within the sphere of his or her potential.

Established in 1919, the foundation provides affected individuals with appropriate referrals to support groups and promotes education of amputees, family members, healthcare professionals and the general public. The foundation produces a regular newsletter as well as brochures, reprints of medical articles and pamphlets on a variety of issues. These issues include health; psychological and daily care concerns; questions concerning devices and prosthetics, sports and exercise and driving; legal issues; and specific concerns regarding children or adolescents with limb loss.

40 Church St.
Malverne, NY 11565

516.887.3667 fax

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