National Nurses Week

BATON ROUGE – This week, in honor of all of our dedicated Veterans home nurses, and in recognition of nurses that work tirelessly around the country and around the world, the Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs (LDVA) is taking the time to thank nurses for all that they do to keep us healthy. Thank you!

“The LDVA proudly operates five state-of-the-art Veterans Homes across the state and each that provides excellent care for our Veterans, their spouses, and our Gold Star Families,” said LDVA Secretary Joey Strickland. “We appreciate the dedication shown by our Nurses and thank them for their continued service to Louisiana’s Veterans.”

“I couldn’t be more proud of the nurses here for giving exceptional care to our Veterans who call our facility home,” said LDVA Southwest Louisiana Veterans Home (SWLVH) Administrator Matt Duhon.  He goes on to share what a Department of Veterans Affairs surveyor recently told him about how it was obvious that the SWLVH nursing staff was compassionate and genuinely cares for their Veterans.

“We are blessed to have such an outstanding group of nurses that work hard to provide care 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” says Duhon.  SWLVH appreciates its nurses and thanks them for their dedication to our Veterans and to the LDVA.

“At the Northeast Louisiana Veterans Home (NELVH), we as nurses strive daily to care for the needs of our veterans as well as their family members,” says NELVH Director of Nursing Chad Beckley.  “I am profoundly proud to be a part of a home where we have to opportunity to not only impact our Veterans, but get to know them intimately and become a part of their everyday lives. Our veterans are a tight-knit community and we as nurses are privileged to be a part of this unique fellowship.”

“Happy Nurses Week to the wonderful hard working nurses at Louisiana Veterans Home,” says LVH Administrator Ashlyn Hilburn.

“The Northwest Louisiana Veterans Home (NWLVH) appreciates our nurses and everything they do for our Veterans,” says NWLVH Administrator Wesley Pepitone. “By helping them when they are sick, and to maintain their highest level of potential, our nurses protect those who protected us for so long.”

“From the clinical aspect of the nursing profession to just being their friend, the NWLVH thanks our nurses for all the care that they give,” says Pepitone.

Southeast Louisiana Veterans Home Administrator Brian Fremin believes his nursing team epitomizes the following quote: “Nurses are angles who comfort and care, someone to lean on, the answer to prayers. They are gently encouraging, skillful and kind, compassionate healers of body and mind.”

Happy Nurses Week!!!




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