LDVA 2017 After Action Report

The LDVA had a great year! Here are some highlights that were included in LDVA’s 2017 After Action Report:

  • Our Veterans Assistance Counselors (VAC’s) helped bring $1,325,975,000.00 in VA compensation and pension to 287,383 Louisiana Veterans and their families during fiscal year 2016. Our Parish Service Offices are now fully manned and serving military families.
  • In November, we opened the doors to the new Louisiana Veterans Home Recreational Building in Reserve, La. We have major renovation projects occurring at all of our homes that will improve the quality of care we provide.
  • LDVA received $7 million in grant funding to construct a fifth cemetery in Jennings. The first planning meeting between state and Federal VA¬†happened on Dec. 12.
  • The LDVA was instrumental in the renaming process and dedication of the Old Arsenal Park into the new Louisiana Veterans Memorial Park.
  • You can read our full report here: LDVA 2017 AAR

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