First Lady’s Blog, April 2020: Kaly Gist, Southwest Louisiana Veterans Home

First Lady’s Blog, April 2020: Kaly Gist, Southwest Louisiana Veterans Home

The Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs is blessed to have an outstanding group of employees across the department who genuinely love our veterans. Featured this month is Kaly Gist, a therapeutic specialist in the Activities Department of the Southwest Louisiana Veterans Home in Jennings. Kaly spends her time lifting the spirits of our veterans during these trying times.

On any given day, Kaly can be seen, with her signature smile, interacting with the home’s veterans. She is continually thinking of new ways to engage the veterans with their loved ones and the community.

“Kaly has dedicated over five years of service to our facility and the veterans who call SWLVH their home,” Matthew Duhon, long term care administrator of the home, said. “She is loved by all the veterans, staff, and family members. Kaly is very energetic, full of great ideas, and keeps our veterans smiling, especially through this difficult time.”

During this pandemic, Kaly has been a bright light in the home. Since visitation is not allowed, she instituted video calls between the veterans and their loved ones. The veterans think the new technology is fantastic, and their loved ones are incredibly grateful for the new way of visitation.

Aside from video chats, Kaly keeps the veterans involved through bingo, chess, bean bag toss, and other games. Of course, birthdays, holidays and other special occasions are celebrated as well. Kaly also enjoys being outdoors with the veterans on the home’s back patio, where they can soak up some sunshine.

The Southwest Louisiana Veterans Home is located at 1610 Evangeline Road in Jennings.

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