2019 Thanksgiving Greetings from LDVA Secretary Joey Strickland

BATON ROUGE – During this National Veteran and Military Families Month, countless Veterans Day celebrations were held across our state and country to honor the nearly 18.3 million veterans living among us, in every state and territory, and from every walk of life.

We have over 280,000 veterans living right here in Louisiana, and our country has certainly been enriched by their contributions, both in and out of uniform. We thank each of you for the sacrifices you made, for your sense of duty, and for your continued service.

As we move into Thanksgiving week, we will all be expressing our gratitude for the many blessings we enjoy. We should also take a moment to acknowledge the daily sacrifices being made by the men and women who are serving in uniform all across the world, and to give thanks for their loving families who miss and support them.

As we come together during this holiday season, let’s reflect and give thanks for all that is good in our lives. I wanted to personally take this time to thank you for your continued support of our Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs (LDVA), and its mission.

I also want to extend my personal gratitude to the entire LDVA team for their work as we keep our Louisiana veterans informed, and help them to obtain the benefits they earned.

Whether you have worn the uniform, are currently in uniform, are deployed abroad or stationed right here at home, it is your service and sacrifice that allows Americans to enjoy the blessings of Thanksgiving.

We are very thankful for you, your families, and our communities whom support us all.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Joey Strickland, Secretary

Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs

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